Top Schools, Arts, and Events
Top Schools, Arts, and Events

Located about 10 miles east from downtown Atlanta, this vibrant city has a small town feel while being just a short drive from the downtown area.  Decatur is home to award-winning schools, restaurants and a thriving arts and festival scene.  You are guaranteed to always find something of interest happening in Decatur. 

Several Decatur restaurants were recently featured in Southern Living and The New York Times.  The city is growing and home values are growing right along with it.  One visit and you will understand why the locals say, “It’s greater in Decatur!”  

Woodlands Garden

AREA Highlights

  • Woodlands Garden
  • Eddie’s Attic
  • Decatur Ghost Tours
  • Decatur Historic District
  • Farmers Markets
  • Decatur Toy Park
  • Decatur Arts Festival
  • Adair Park

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